Welcome to the web site dedicated to improving the public realm and conserving the best of the historic built environment in Haringey and getting better design in the less historic parts where change and regeneration is appropriate.

It is a site to act as a resource for the Conservation Area Advisory Committees in the administrative area of the London Borough of Haringey and for those interested in improving other parts of the public realm such as the general streetscape, the architecture of redevelopment sites and the quality of parks and open spaces.

As the Local Development Framework develops, to replace the Unitary Development Plan with the Core Strategy and Development Management Policies, it is also a resource for those interest groups making representations to engage in the process and improve the draft documents guiding change.

With the introduction of the Localism Act 2011 there is also the option for creating Neighbourhood Plans through Neighbourhood Forums. Two parts of Haringey at least are interested in this new possibility. This site can also be a resource for that way of planning areas from the ground up as well.

HGY are the code letters for planning applications in Haringey; DES and CON are abbreviations for Design and Conservation.

Together those nine letters sum up what we are about - Design and Conservation in Haringey.

contact the chairman: chairman@des-con-hgy.org.uk


Welcome to DES-CON-HGY